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Camel Cigarette Commercials, Reel # 4

Published 1966

Compilation of Camel cigarette television commercials from the 1960s including "I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel," "They're Not for Everybody," and "Drop Everything." Also sponsorship of McHales Navy, Hawk, American Sportsman, and Bonanza.

Run time 00:53:21
Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: guyburns - - August 28, 2013
Subject: Interesting commercials
The commercials, as noted by the previous reviewer, are interesting, but every frame has a large B&W video information box on it. Completely spoils the viewing experience. Four-stars for the good quality sound and colour video. One-star for the unwanted video-box. Overall, I'll give it two-stars.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - April 11, 2006
Subject: STOP! Camel Time!
This amazing compilation has all sorts of crazy stuff in it. Lets see, you have gung ho sportsmen, gay stereotypical leather boys (no really), smoking in movie theaters, great promos for old tv shows that you know, (McHales Navy and Bonanza) and some you dont know (Hawk, with Burt Reynolds!). Also has the amazingly catchy Walk a mile for a Camel whistle theme song, but the best ad is the amazing Christmas promo Camel did, where they said to give everyone you know Camels for the holiday season! Look1 It comes in a gift box with a gift tag already enclosed! WOW.